lørdag 16. mars 2013

Šetalište Pet Danice

The six-seven kilometre long walkway (šetalište) along the seashore in Herceg Novi got its name honouring all the brave ladies active in the resistance movement in the town during WWII, five (pet) of them with the same name Danica. It is today the best ever arena for getting some fresh air, for exercising or just making some show-off. This walk starts in the west end of Igalo close to this enormous eucalyptus tree and ends up in Meljine in the east.
(Most of the photos are from the period October-April, off touristic season. For more about these plants, go to the site FLORA in my blog, and for making the photos bigger just click on them.)
eucalyptus globules

wisteria sinensis

livistona chinensis

phoenix canariensis 

 cereus jamacaru

celtis australis 

 tamarix gallica

trachelospermum jasminoides 
pittosporum tobira 
 nerium oleander
 cordyline australis

 magnolia grandiflora

cycas revoluta 

 ficus carica

aloe succotrina

aloe striatula 



 lagerstroemia indica

 campanula portenschlagiana

 acanthus mollis

 aloe maculata

 campsis radicans


mirabilis jalapa 

 agave americana


 ipomoea purpurea


 quercus coccifera

 lantana camara

punica granatum 

strelitzia reginae 

 russelia juncea
 datura stramonium

 washingtonia robusta

 anagallis foemina