lørdag 23. juni 2012

COLONIA in town

June 22, 2012 - We were gathered in Peoples Beach Bar, Herceg Novi. A lovely environment for music evenings, under the palm trees. This time visited by the dance band Colonia. We could sense that something great was going to happen. And it did. The beach was packed with people, everyone in a good mood. More than one hour delay; as usual, made it even more exciting. I had been waiting on a bar outside the gate, watching happy people arriving; having some viljamovka’s to find the mood. And I did.

Colonia was founded in 1996 by Boris Đurđević and Tomislav Jelić, two DJ’s from Vinkovci, Croatia. As the two of them did not sing, they later hired Indira "Ira" Vladić from Županja to become their vocalist. The name of the group comes from the ancient Latin name of their hometown Vinkovci which was "Colonia Aurelia Cibalae.”(Wikipedia)

Colonia soon became one of the best selling musical groups in Croatia, later they had great success all over Balkan, and even in Asia. Search for their music in http://www.colonia.hr/index.php , in  Youtube or elsewhere. Be prepared for strong emotions and hard rhythms. My pictures don’t tell much; hopefully just that we had a wonderful evening at the beach late night in 30 degrees centigrade.

Thanx Colonia