søndag 3. mars 2013

Swimming and sunbathing in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi may not offer miles of sandy beaches like parts of the Montenegrin Riviera further south can. But here are small isolated pockets of idyllic beaches, ranging from fine sand to rounded pebbles between large boulders and cliffs. And here are large slabs of concrete which are preferred by many. Most beaches offer sun beds, parasols and drinks; and there is free access to almost everyone.
The beaches are child friendly. At the head of the bay in Igalo you have to wade a few hundred meters to get wet to the chest. That is where the river Sutorina is depositing large amounts of mud, used as therapy in the treatment institutions in town. It has healing effect and many just use the mud by posting it on their skin and let it dry up in the sun.
Top season offers air temperatures around and above 35 degrees for weeks. The sea measures around 25 degrees all summer and into the autumn. During winter the temperature goes down to a minimum of about 15 degrees. That makes some people take a bath even then. A friend of mine swam once across the bay from Škver to Njivice on January 1st. And the locals have a tradition of taking a bath in connection with the Christmas celebration. Nevertheless it is most comfortable to swim here from May to November.
Those pictures show many of the beaches. Starting in the west in Solila, further east Igalo, Topla, Herceg Novi, Savina, Meljine and all the way to Zelenika. 

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Nice view from my first choice cafe Biblioteka.

My friend Janna visiting.
This and some other pictures are from very late autumn.

Nice to cool down in the park.


Good neighbours of mine enjoying life.

My daughter Marte, son in law Joakim and grandchild Moa visiting me.

Herceg Novi


Meljine - Zelenika

Lalovina Beach

Time to go home to prepare for the evening......