tirsdag 2. oktober 2012

Water polo team PVK Jadran - Herceg Novi

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Herceg Novi has one of the best water polo clubs in Europe.
PVK Jadran was founded in 1926.
The Adriatic Water polo League (Jadranska vaterpolo Liga) is the strongest league in the world
and PVK Jadran won two of the last three seasons.
This is the team from the season 2008-09.

The team plays their home matches in the intimate swimming pool in Institute Igalo, where the crowd gets very excited and supportive.
A brand new open air swimming pool was opened this summer where an old one was before, in Škver.
I was in a way sorry they tore down the old one, because of the charming cabins there for fishermen.

But they really managed to replace it in a modern way. It is changing colors all the time, reminding of the old ones, with all possible colors on the wooden doors.

This season just started with a very good mix of veterans and youngsters in the team.

This match was against the big rivals from Kotor, Primorac.

Primorac supporters make a lot of noise,
but they couldn’t avoid their team loosing the match
without Jadran putting too much effort into the last two quarters of the game.

PVK Jadran got a new couch for this season, but he is not a new face. Vladimir Gojković has been a key player and captain on our team for years, though he is born in Kotor.

Our goal keeper Miloš Šćepanović is like a living wall.

The supporters from Kotor were escorted by the police to and from the arena, as usual.
There is always a noisy, but friendly atmosphere in those matches.

We won........ again.
And Vladimir coached his first important mach to a victory.
There will be more of them....
The new arena on Škver and the team is kind of well protected from the castle Forte Mare.
A full moon makes this wonderful evening in the end of September even more complete.
It’s time for coffee and a rakija.....


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