tirsdag 10. desember 2013


The sparkling Diamond in the jewellery box of Montenegro.

Of all the places to visit, the small village Bijelila opposite Tivat is my No 1.
I saw some pictures some years ago and have since then wanted to go there to see.
Talking to local people and to tourists about the village
always ended up with they never had been there.

This fall I found a reason to go, because one of my best friends, Vigdis,
also got curious about the village.
And even more, she has the needed emotional capacity
to be able to share the beauty with me.
Nice experiences are always best when you have someone to share them with.
And she was the one.

Bijelila is just less than one hour drive with boat or car from Herceg Novi, even from Budva.
I never stop wondering why it is this kind of a secret.
Of course there are lots of nice places to visit in Montenegro, with more to offer the visitors.
Bijelila has just amazing sceneries to offer.
And only for those who are emotional enough to catch the beauty.
Vigdis was really the best qualified, we even stopped talking.
We just wandered around and inhaled all possible impressions.

Such emotional moments is the closest I ever comes to my own soul.
I get very touched, and suppose this is comparable to religious feelings.
Though, I never get touched in any church or mosque,
by the way they let bad people use them as an excuse to aggression against others.
If I get touched in those places, it is more like fear and lack of respect.

In Bijelila there are not many houses;
some are renovated adequately to their history, others not.
Some are even derelict and on their way back to Mother Nature.
But together they appear as a charming reminding of a former lively fishing village,
even more thanks to the picturesque crumbling roofs.
Just the wooden boats are missing in the channels.
They even have the best sunset of the Bay of Kotor in this village.

 I was deeply moved when Vigdis and I entered the closest restaurant to have lunch.
Hotel Anderba provided the best conditions for reflection
and is in itself a touristic attraction.